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Let's talk about VEP...

Our VEP,  Virtual Exhibit Platform, is as big as any booth we've ever built and it fits entirely on your computer.

2020 is different... there, we said it. As the world learns how to socially distance itself, events and how we interact with our attendees and future customers has to adapt.

We've found a solution. Whether you're looking to:

  • augment an existing show with digital content,
  • help do 'your part' in meeting your brand's goals and objectives,
  • make positive use of your exhibit budget, or
  • substitute the "lack of" face-to-face opportunities with something unique. 

Our Virtual Exhibit Platform is a modular digital asset ready to work for you.

At Exhibit Concepts, it's our goal to make YOU your company's hero!

Your story is important. Even though the show is canceled, we can still make it unforgettable!


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"The secret to the change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."


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