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Case Study: Admiral Nimitz Gallery

The National Museum of the Pacific War wanted to expand the museum to create the Admiral Nimitz Gallery, dedicated to the legacy of Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz.

Mini eBook: 10 Tips for a Successful Virtual Event

If the cornerstone event on your calendar has been canceled or postponed, you're likely considering taking that event virtual. Here are some best practices to ensure your event is a success.

eBook: Trade Show Etiquette 101

If you want to create a lasting impression, following these guidelines is a foolproof way to guarantee a positive, memorable experience that will result in the ROI you need.

INFOGRAPHIC: Lead Cheat Sheet

Need help calculating your lead ROI? Download this cheat sheet with the top five lead metrics that will dazzle leadership post show.

White Paper: Trade Show Lead Measurement

This white paper will focus on how to identify leads, how to select lead capture technology, and metrics that will help you justify your trade show marketing budget.

Custom Vending Machines

Whether you’re luring in attendees with a mystery bag giveaway or something simple like candy, a vending machine makes collecting badge information easier and more enjoyable.

Trade Show New Build RFP Template

This shorter form template covers basic capabilities questions. If you are attending one show and want an exhibit house to focus on your presence there or you’re just looking for a new design and engagement, this is your template.

Trade Show Program RFP Template

This comprehensive template is ideal for larger companies who attend multiple shows a year (a program) and have extensive requirements for their exhibit house. It covers all aspects of business operations, and if you are looking to also move existing property to a new exhibit house, this is your template.


When FORCAM attended IMTS 2019, they needed to find a partner to portray a consistent voice of the brand without exceeding the budget.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

LexisNexis Risk Solutions attended a show in a dimly lit hotel venue that required one day setup and teardown. They wanted a booth to enhance their center position, while conveying their message and standing out from the crowd with a light, bright design.

Creative Brief Template for Trade Shows

Headed to a trade show? It’s time to get your team on the same page about your goals and objectives. This template will help you think creatively about your show.

Ways to Save Money & Improve Efficiency

This white paper focuses on a variety of ways you can both improve efficiency and save some money along the way as you work to plan a successful trade show.

Trade Show & Event Marketing Manager Work Life

Based on a recent survey Exhibit Concepts, Inc. conducted among trade show and event professionals, it’s clear the role is very dynamic with every day bringing new demands and new challenges requiring a diverse set of skills.

Trade Shows: Renting vs. Buying

Renting, buying, or a combination of both: you have options for your next trade show. This infographic will help you decide the best approach for your unique situation.

Adwerx Rental Exhibit Solution

Adwerx wanted a smart, interactive booth with minimal company investment but big impact on the trade show floor. They came to ECI for a solution to reinforce their “Shine a Light on Your Brand” campaign.

Interactive Touch Screen

Content is king, and using a touch screen to deliver your message at a tradeshow makes for a dynamic experience.

Start, Stop, Continue

This exercise is a great way to pause, evaluate, and take action while a recent event or trade show is still fresh in your mind. We use this method to discuss internal processes, values, and behaviors as part of overall best practices and in conjunction with analytics.

10 Steps to Prepare for a Successful Trade Show

Once you’ve made the decision to attend a trade show, it’s important to insure your investment is well spent and your goals are met. Our white paper will take you through the 10 crucial steps to success.

International Business Travel

An easy to use, editable spreadsheet to help you pack all the items you need for an international or domestic business trip.

Choosing the Best Exhibit Hall Location

Much like real estate, location is everything at a trade show. Selecting the right location for your booth is crucial component to a trade show that yields the results you want. More so, it’s true that not all exhibit spaces are created equal.

Switching Exhibit Houses

The decision to switch exhibit houses is not an easy one. The process has a reputation for being difficult and even expensive, but it doesn't have to be that way. Our Five-Step Onboarding Process to ensures a smooth transition.

Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic was looking for a partner that could help their team create a cohesive brand experience across every face-to-face situation, from the showroom to the trade show.

Culture Compass

Dive deeper into the nuances of ten countries across the globe to gain a better understanding of culture and its impact on business.

ExhibitorLIVE 2019

There’s a compelling difference between something you remember and something you’ll never forget. This concept was the driving force behind our theme and design, as we thought about all our clients’ unforgettable stories.

Mazak Large Trade Show Rental

Mazak wanted a clean, crisp, technologically-driven design to reiterate their position as an industry leader and demonstrate their new technology and automation capabilities. From strategy to look and feel, they needed a complete solution.

Engagement Capabilities

Face-to-face marketing is all about creating a compelling, impactful experience for your visitor. This is achieved through a strong engagement strategy that will pull them from the aisles and prompt a conversation that turns into your next big win.

Must Knows For Global Exhibiting

When expanding your trade show presence to an international stage, it’s important to understand the nuances of culture in each region of the world.

ExhibitorLIVE 2017 Booth Technology

Problem-solving is a crucial step in the process of designing, building, and installing trade show spaces. For our ExhibitorLIVE booth, we wanted to build a tower comprised of several blocks – and some of those blocks needed to intermittently light up with the words our clients associate with success.

Marketing Campaign Creative Brief Template

Is creativity a key component of your face-to-face marketing program? It should be. Our Creative Brief Template will get you and your team started down the path to creative thinking.


When Omron attends the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to showcase their leadership in technology that creates harmony between humans and machines, a showstopping booth and engagements results in BIG wins.

ExhibitorLIVE 2018

When expanding your trade show presence to an international stage, it’s important to understand the nuances of culture in each region of the world.

Computer History Museum

The Computer History Museum wanted to create a large scale, immersive experience for museum visitors that covers the history of computing and also addresses the importance of software.

Bluetooth Beacon Technology

Think of a Bluetooth Beacon as a radio station that only plays one song, on repeat. Instead of music, a beacon is sending out a unique ID number that is read by an app on your phone. That app then determines the location of the beacon and delivers customized information based on your location.

LG Air Conditioning Technologies USA

LG needed a visionary creative partner that would produce an eye-catching design and create a memorable brand experience while also cutting costs on storage, shipping, drayage and show services.