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A rental exhibit shouldn't look like a rental. Period. Our goal on every project is to capture the essence of your brand and engage your audience while providing a design solution that meets your financial and trade show objectives.

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AV Production

Our creative and design group are well versed and experienced in all areas of the AV arena. Leveraging our in-house specialists' experience with video production, video display devices, audio editing, audio device configuration, interactive engagement technology, along with partner relationships across the country, we can design, specify and test technology requirements for any show or event. We design and produce our own human input and sensor-based interactives on a nearly daily basis as well as store, prep and maintain client-owned AV equipment at both our Dayton and Chicago area locations.


Creative Services

Our diverse team of Designers has the innate ability to apply comprehensive brand-thinking in a multitude of creative disciplines - Graphic Design, Interactive Presentations, Brand Development, Marketing Collateral, CAD Animation, and Multimedia.


Booth and Component Rentals

From 10 x 10 up to 50 x 150, we have a catalog of complete, rental booths for any show, anywhere. Our rental inventory also includes assets such as furniture, kiosks, storage closets, and cabinets.

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Inventory Tracking and Ordering System

Managing your inventory (whether client-owned booth property or promotional items) and ordering items (such as banner standards and product literature) for local events has never been easier. We offer a 24/7 eManagement tracking application for our clients that’s intuitive and easy to use.


Engagement Strategy

Your booth isn’t limited to the design. It’s an experience for visitors, and you want them to remember you once you’ve left the show floor. Our team of experts will develop an engagement strategy from interactive games to in-booth presentations or demos that will draw visitors and keep their attention.



Once your booth or interactive engagement is planned and designed, our team of expert detailers, fabricators and master carpenters get to work creating detailed build prints and set-up guides, prototype new interactives and ultimately build your booth. Once completed, our prep team sets up your booth for inspection and then carefully packs it for shipment to your event. When subcontracted resources are necessary, your project will always be closely managed by our team.

blurred trade show shutterstock_261709556I&D/On-Site Supervision

Once your booth is packed and transported to the show, our team of on-site supervisors will work with the installation team to assure set-up runs smoothly and will handle any issues or last minute requests. Your booth will then be dismantled under supervision and sent back to our storage facility where we’ll take inventory and prepare for your next show.



Our in-house videographer has 20+ years of experience in the news industry as well as, entertainment and corporate messaging and web development If you’re in need of video or photo content for show monitors or your website, photos or videos at your event, or documentation for design research, we’ve got you covered. In addition, we also work with show photographers to capture the essence of your beautiful booth, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

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Program Management

Most of our clients attend more than one event per year ranging from major strategic brand awareness events to local events that individual sales people attend. In all cases, our clients want a cohesive brand experience across all tiers of events. Whether it’s a single show or an extensive program, our support team aligns with yours to proactively manage your event calendar to optimize marketing spend and achieve your objectives.


Show Service Coordination

Our team of seasoned event services experts will create, deliver and execute orders for any and all show services. You worry about your booth experience and we’ll handle the rest.



For your convenience, we have two warehouse locations, Dayton, OH and Chicago, IL. We also possess a partnership network that allows us to store property around the globe. All property is stored and carefully managed with the intent of maximizing storage space, minimizing labor requirements, and alleviating shipping costs.


System Inventory

Your booth will be comprised of panel systems from our extensive inventory, which makes installation, dismantling, and shipping much easier. Our systems include beMatrix and hard panels that will suit the look and feel of your exhibit.


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