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When RCS attends NAB, they need a futuristic, minimalistic space to showcase the brand. 

The RCS booth historically features an infinity arch in the architecture, inspired by the St. Louis Grand Gateway Arch. This space is versatile and allows for a myriad of booth configurations and the fabric blades are easily swapped and re-skinned. 

For NAB 2019, we expanded on the infinity arch design concept. The new booth features the infinity arch, futuristic lighting that projects a cloud in-motion effect onto tension fabrics, work stations, a demonstration bar for small group presentations, a lounge theater set-up, and larger demonstrations in front of the booth on a large screen. 

Services Used: Creative Services (3D or graphic design, rebranding, campaign theming), Photography/Videography, Fabrication, I&D/On-site Supervision, Graphic Production, Project Management, Show Service Coordination, Rental

Featured Booth Size: 30x30

Exhibits: Domestic Trade Shows