innovations in MUSEUM exhibitry have evolved.


Computer History Museum To truly appreciate the present and future one must first appreciate history. The Computer History Museum, located in Mountain View California, tells the compelling story of how computers and software (much like museums) have evolved. 

The 31,000 square-foot museum is a multimedia experience that immerses visitors in the sights, sounds, and stories of the computer revolution.

Exhibit Concepts fabricated and installed exhibit components for the Computer History Museum with design by Van Sickle & Rolleri. 

Computer History Museum Make Software: Change the World explores the history, technology, and cultural impact of applications including Photoshop, MP3, MRI, Car Crash Simulation, Wikipedia, Texting, and World of Warcraft. This 6,000 square-foot interactive area of the museum allows visitors to interact with software, testing their texting speed, and learning programming concepts and trying hands-on coding.

To learn more about the Computer History Museum, see our Case Study.

Whether it’s creating a museum installation or a compelling visitor experience, it’s all about making connections with your audience. Museums are the key to captivate attention, evoke emotion, and inspire action. 

Ready to bring your museum’s story to life? Visit Exhibit Concepts at booth 2207 during MuseumExpo 2017, May 8-10! 


Projects from the Past

Afro-American-Museum.jpgNational Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center 1988
Wilberforce, Ohio

Space.jpgIntelliZeum 2003
El Paso, Texas

BBKing.jpgB.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center 2008
Indianola, Mississippi


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