Everyone loves a good story. Making a strong connection with your audience, whether through a museum installation or visitor experience, is the key to bringing history to life. We know how to produce experiences that captivate attention, evoke emotions, and inspire action. 



Jackson, Mississippi

The mission of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum is to exhibit the history of and educate the public about the American Civil Rights movement in the state of Mississippi between 1945 and 1970. Exhibit Concepts’ graphics, fabrication, and installation teams worked alongside the Mississippi Department of Archives and History and design firm Hilferty & Associates to deliver on the vision for this facility.

The American Museum of Science and Energy (AMSE) 

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, this museum shares a complex story that includes the development of the nuclear bomb through the Manhattan Project and continued innovations of the Oak Ridge National Library. Incorporating a variety of interactives and AV components, the new museum engages visitors in scientific discovery. The museum gives a dramatic overview of historic Oak Ridge sites including the Manhattan Project, and the modern-day facilities that are continuing the ground-breaking work.

Large graphics and artifact displays help tell the story of nuclear fusion and fission, along with scientific development pioneered in Oak Ridge, including renewable energy and super computers.

National NavY SEAL Museum

Fort Pierce, Florida

The National Navy SEAL Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the U.S. Navy SEALs.

Exhibit Concepts, in partnership with Van Sickle and Rolleri, was selected to design and fabricate interactive exhibits for the museum’s new wing. The additions to the museum consist of an introduction theater, artifact cases, large format graphics and media programs. The programs include an interactive that challenges visitors to plan a mission and a five minute video about the SEALs raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound. Artifacts in the gallery comprise a Black Hawk helicopter and the M.V. Maersk Alabama lifeboat, where Captain Richard Phillips was held by Somali pirates before he was rescued by Navy SEALs. 

Our team also worked alongside the museum to develop, design, and install all the exhibits in the Cold War Gallery, which include the role Underwater Demolitions Teams (UDT) and SEALs played during the Cold War.

Designer: Van Sickle & Rolleri 

computer history museum

Mountain View, California

Exhibit Concepts was selected to fabricate and install exhibit components for the Computer History Museum’s new exhibition titled Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing. This 25,000 square foot, multimedia experience immerses the visitors in the sights, sounds and stories of the computer revolution. More than 1,000 artifacts from the Museum’s vast collection are on view, including rare and unusual computers. The exhibition includes audio and video presentations, interactive games, and hands-on displays.

Exhibit Concepts also fabricated and installed exhibit components for the Make Software: Change the World exhibition, exploring the history, technology, and cultural impact of applications like Photoshop, Wikipedia, and World of Warcraft. This 6,000 square-foot interactive area of the museum allows visitors to interact with software, testing their texting speed, learning basic programming concepts, and trying hands-on coding.

The Bradford Ohio Railroad Museum

Bradford, Ohio

The Bradford Ohio Railroad Museum celebrates the heritage and impact the railroad had on the local community and the individuals who worked in the railroad industry from 1855 to 1985. Founded in 2002 by local railroad enthusiasts, the Museum takes visitors on a journey through local history using photos, interactive displays, and railroad memorabilia. Exhibit Concepts worked with the museum to develop an interpretive plan and provided design and fabrication to transform a former bank building into a new exhibit hall. The interpretive plan and exhibit designs were utilized to secure both state funds and private donations to fund the project.

The Ohio Museums Association awarded the Bradford Ohio Railroad Museum with the 2017 Best Exhibition Under $500,000. 

Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Housed in the Historic Journal Record Building across the street from the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, the Memorial Museum is a learning institution consisting of permanent and temporary exhibits, interactive computer stations, artifacts from the bombing, and the Memorial archives. Visitors to the Memorial Museum can witness the magnitude of the destruction through dramatic audio/visual presentations, interactive exhibits, murals, and displays of poignant artifacts.

Designer: Gallagher & Associates

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Cleveland, Ohio

The Perkins Wildlife Center & Woods Garden is a fully immersive, natural environment that brings visitors close to native Ohio animals and plants. The exhibit provides an educational look at local wildlife, featuring wetlands with fish, turtles, and frogs and an aquatic world with North American river otters. Beech and oak trees dot the landscape, for a new perspective on native animals like red foxes and Peregrine Falcons with educational signage along the trail. Exhibit Concepts developed graphic layouts, produced exterior graphics, built the Otter Slide, and fabricated interactives including the Porcupine Quill Touch, Barn Owl Hearing, Perch Like a Crow, Parallel Play Chute, Peregrine Falcon Scopes, and Climb like a Coyote.

Designer: Thinc Design 

Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center

Fremont, Ohio

The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center opened in 1916 as the nation’s first presidential library and museum. Located alongside Rutherford and his wife Lucy’s beloved mansion on the grounds of Spiegel Grove, in Fremont, Ohio, the museum is home to over 19,000 artifacts that President Hayes collected and treasured over his lifetime.

Exhibit Concepts, in partnership with the InterActive Group, was selected to design and fabricate all new exhibits in commemoration of the Center’s centennial anniversary. Exhibits Concepts installed modern interactive media, interpretive graphics and handcrafted cases to highlight 1,800 artifacts, transforming the museum into an engaging experience for future generations to learn about the life and times of our nineteenth president for decades to come.

Designer: InterActive Group

Leonardo’s Children’s MuseuM

Enid, Oklahoma

Leonardo’s Children’s Museum is a hands-on arts and science museum where families can enjoy open-ended exploration and interactive play. Exhibit Concepts combined elements of articulating structures, advanced multimedia technology and exhilarating graphics to create an engaging environment that focuses on motor skill development through play.

This exciting museum brings health and technology exhibits to life and provides a colorful landscape where children can explore oil derricks and pump jacks that dominate the Oklahoma landscape. The Power Tower climbing structure spans two stories and has exploration opportunities for all ages: from the toddler area at the ground level to in-depth energy exhibits featuring oil, natural gas, wind and solar power on the second floor. Leonardo’s is an excellent example of exhibitry that pushes the boundaries of providing information into a world of learning through discovery.  

Designer: Kraemer Design + Production

B.B. King Museum & Delta Interpretive Center

Indianola, Mississippi

This state-of-the-art museum is located in B.B. King’s hometown of Indianola, Mississippi.

The mission of the B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretative Center is to preserve and share the legacy and values of B.B. King, to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Mississippi Delta, and to promote pride, hope, and understanding through exhibitions and education programs. Exhibit Concepts achieved this goal through the fabrication and installation of bold and vibrant large format graphics, complex artifact cases, dramatic lighting and engaging interactives.

Designer: Gallagher & Associates

Frontier Texas!

Abilene, Texas

Visitors relive the Old West at Frontier Texas!, a 14,000-square-foot facility. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, this highly interactive experience brings the frontier to life, presenting the stories of people who played out their lives on the Texas range. Dramatic scenic environments place a visitor in the middle of Indian attacks, stampeding cattle, a card game shootout, and a prairie thunderstorm.

Frontier Texas! features engaging audio/visual presentations, hand-painted murals, finely crafted sculptures, and detailed casework.

Designer: Pyramid Studios / Brent Johnson Design

National Museum of The Pacific War

Fredericksburg, Texas

Housed in the Museum is the George H. W. Bush Gallery, a 34,000 square-foot exhibit space that begins with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and ends with the surrender of Japan on September 2, 1945 and the Post War. The gallery exhibits fabricated by Exhibit Concepts, Inc. include ninety-two large artifact cases, forty-five media-rich presentations, and seven-hundred informative graphic panels and murals. Dramatic, themed environments place the visitor inside a US submarine and in the command and control center of a Navy cruiser.

Exhibit Design: DG Studios

The Supreme Court of Ohio Visitors Education Center

Columbus, Ohio

This interactive education center is located in the Ohio Judicial Center, a historic building renovated in 2004. The main exhibit area features model courtrooms that follow the progression of a case through trial and appellate courts, scenic elements illustrating significant Ohio legal cases, and engaging videos providing further insight into the court system. An interactive scale invites visitors to try to balance the three branches of government. A smaller gallery traces the renovation of the Ohio Judicial Center, exploring the architectural styles and symbolism throughout the building, and a mock courtroom allows visitors to role-play realistic cases.

Designer: Gallagher & Associates


Kilgore, Texas

ECOLAND is a hands-on multi-sensory learning center designed and built by Exhibit Concepts, where children age three to eight learn about the earth and its properties through investigation methods. Nine galleries and a theater create an experience that engages all senses and utilizes hands-on methods of teaching foundational elements behind complex concepts. In addition to educating, inspiring and empowering children to protect the earth's environment, the ECOLAND exhibits also better prepare children for the higher level critical thinking skills needed in the classroom.

Designer: Exhibit Concepts

DiscoveryCube- aquavator

Los Angeles, California

The DiscoveryCube provides hands-on learning for children focused on science. One of the science center’s interactive exhibits, designed by Van Sickle & Rolleri, is the Aquavator, a multi-media theater presentation that simulates an elevator that descends to the center of the earth, allowing visitors to view geological layers and understand the science of aquifers.

Designer: Van Sickle & Rolleri


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