What We Do

Making a strong connection with your audience, whether through a museum installation or visitor experience, is the key to bringing stories to life.

Exhibit Concepts designs, produces, installs and maintains quality exhibitry for interpretive facilities, museums and visitor centers throughout the United States. We match each unique design to the production techniques and materials that will perform most effectively.

Our in-house staff of professional interpretive planners, designers, model makers, graphic production technicians structural fabricators have over five centuries of cumulative museum experience and possess talents that meet and exceed the challenge of each project.

Featured Projects



Interpretive Planning

Our Interpretive Plans are developed around our client’s mission to satisfy program needs, reflect the institution’s goals and mission, and educate visitors. We believe visitors become active participants in discovery and exploration when they are in an environment that intrigues and captivates them. We appreciate that the owner has strong internal areas of expertise, which must be integrated into the final product.



Through collaboration and brainstorming sessions the process of bringing stories to life takes shape through renderings. These digital models allow clients to see a detailed visual representation of how projects will look upon completion and how visitors will interact with and navigate exhibit spaces. Renderings and interpretive plans are excellent resources for obtaining grants and raising funds.



Our Graphic Designers create visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform and captivate to enhance the visitor experience. Art and technology are combined to communicate ideas through imagery, colors, shapes and typography. Our designers are highly skilled in creating graphic elements that encompass the client’s vision while engaging visitors.


Our graphic technicians specialize in producing quality high-impact graphics to the client’s specifications. Our in-house capabilities include digital print output, mounting, laminating and direct printing on a wide range of materials.



Interactive elements allow visitors to experience a story through hands-on exploration. These fun and educational pieces can be custom handcrafted to nearly any specification by skilled master craftsmen using top grade, durable materials that will stand the test of time.


Case Work

Our preservation specialists are well versed in the creation of microclimates and understand how to mitigate damage caused by such factors as lighting, humidity, and insects and chemical reactions among materials used in the cases. They are experienced in the installation of fiber-optic and LED lighting, security systems and humidity control, and the use of inert materials for case construction.


We understand that artifacts are key to an exhibit narrative and visitor experience. Appropriately displaying artifacts that are large scale, micro-sized, military grade or extremely delicate all require distinctive skills and a high level of expertise. Our capabilities ensure that each artifact is carefully and artfully showcased with every unique environment in mind.


Life Casts

Life Casts bring exhibits to life with hyper-real human details. We offer expertly crafted lifecasts that can be molded to any specific pose for depicting life-sized people in scenic dioramas or other museum scenic elements.



Creating visitor experiences within historic buildings can often pose very unique challenges and constraints. We have had the opportunity to work within the confines of many such buildings and have overcome each obstacle while being sensitive to every uneven corner and delicate surface. We understand that historical structures are themselves artifacts and we treat them with the same consideration of conservation.


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