Effective marketing hinges on engaging and captivating your audience, and creating a compelling user experience. This is what ECI does best - Custom APP Development, Metrics Tools, Technology Integration, Engagement Strategy 


Interactive Kiosk Installation

Ohio’s Hospice, a partnership of mission-driven, not-for-profit hospices in Ohio, introduced The Story Garden. This program gathers the stories of those who have loved ones being cared for by the organization. Led by design from Graphica, the kiosk lets visitors share their experiences by telling stories on camera. The kiosk contains a computer that gathers the data, and visitors can record a short video or view other videos through the touch screen.

Exhibit Concepts, Inc.  |  "Where Challenges and Ideas Connect"

Integrated Marketing Initiative

An integrated marketing approach we executed for our own exhibit at EXHIBITORLIVE! 2015.  The exhibit theme is called "Where Challenges and Ideas Connect" and is inspired by the arts & crafts medium of String Art.  "The strings represent the connection between ECI and our customers.  Digging deeper, the string also represents the creative solutions we connect to our clients' challenges, thus our exhibit became the place Where Challenges and Ideas Connect."

The initiative includes pre and post-show email marketing, direct mail, print advertising, press releases, themed architecture, in-booth entertainment, an interactive activity, cause-marketing, lead retrieval, custom staff attire, post-show follow-up and data measurement.



Emerson Industrial Automation | "What Happens When We Don't Conserve"

Custom Augmented Reality APP

Graphics embedded with an AR APP, transformed a static visual into a dynamic and interactive engagement. The Apple & Android-approved APP permitted attendees to scan a QR code and watch a "brand ambassador" step out of the static graphic and communicate the "What Happens" message: “Let’s all save water. Be more green, save more green. It’s a win, win.” This message was further extended into pre-show advertising through trade magazines and promoted to the media during and after the show.


Emerson Industrial Automation | "What Happens When We Don't Conserve"

The SpokesMannequin 3D Video Projection

An animated brand ambassador was created to “speak to attendees” about the benefits of System Plast products and how they specifically address conservation, cost savings, and promoting a safer work environment. Posed sitting in an actual row boat, the face of the mannequin becomes animated and speaks to attendees about the "What Happens" campaign via a hidden 3D projection device. This technique attracted attendees from the aisles, created a buzz on the show floor and dynamically delivered key messages.

Humana | Data Acquisition and Metrics

Interactive Recruiting APP

To support Humana's recruiting efforts, ECI developed a custom in-booth APP that runs from a tablet device to capture attendee info and initiate 2-way dialogue with their Human Resources organization.  The APP provides real-time metrics to qualify registrants and measure against objectives for Humana's recruiting strategy.

Wright State Research Institute | 2013 Science Olympiad National Tournament

Custom Augmented Reality APP

For the 2013 Science Olympiad National Tournament, Marxent Labs and ECI collaborated with Wright State Research Institute to develop an Augmented Reality APP that engages attendees and teaches them about Neuromedical Imaging Research.

Emerson Power Transmission Solutions | Tim Topper - Virtual Toolbox Technician

The SpokesMannequin 3D Video Projection

To promote their new Toolbox Technician application for smart phones and tablet devices, Emerson Power Transmission Solutions worked with ECI to create a brand ambassador that would engage AHR attendees.  Utilizing People Vision's SpokeMannequin 3D video projection technology, the Toolbox Technician, Tim Topper, sat on a stool and spoke to the audience about Emerson's new APP.  The 3D projection video and virtual technician had people stopping to take photos, kept booth traffic steady and the audience engaged.

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