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EXHIBITORLIVE is right around the corner and our team will be on site. We want to discuss your brand, your goals, and how we can help you bring it all to life for your customers. It's all about the experience; let's make it memorable together. 

BE OUR SHOW FLOOR VIP: Obtain your FREE EXHIBITORLIVE Exhibit Hall Pass ($200 value) by visiting ExhibitorLive.com/ExhibitConceptsInc and using code 4085.


Register for one (or more!) of the eight sessions our Exhibit Concepts' leadership team is presenting at EXHIBITORLIVE:


M510: A Trip Around the World - Must-Knows for Global Exhibiting (Jeff Hannah)
M512: Traveling Abroad: Important Do's and Don'ts (Jeff Hannah)


T505Global Frameworks: Marketing from the Context of Culture - Part I (Jeff Hannah)
T506Global Frameworks: Marketing from the Context of Culture - Part II (Jeff Hannah)
NEW! T445: Letting Your Leaders Lead-Leads to the Best Results (Kelli Glasser)
NEW! T650: You've Been Tasked with Managing Your First New Build - Now What? (Jeff Korchinski and Dom Conti)


NEW! W647: Rent Your Booth and Still Own Your Program? (Jeff Korchinski)


NEW! R348: Sales and Marketing Alignment: How to Get-and Stay- on the Same Page (Ellen Kaminski)

Creative Brief Template

Creative Brief Template


Is creativity a key component of your face-to-face marketing program? It should be. Our Creative Brief Template will get you and your team started down the path to creative thinking.


10 Steps

10 Steps to Prepare for a Successful Trade Show

White Paper

Once you’ve made the decision to attend a trade show, it’s important to insure your investment is well spent and your goals are met. Our white paper will take you through the 10 crucial steps to success.


About Exhibit Concepts Inc.

Exhibit Concepts, Inc. is an award-winning event marketing partner that designs and produces branded environments, including domestic and international tradeshows, museums, executive briefing centers, corporate interiors, vehicle marketing and tours, experiential and interactive engagements, creative and design services, and program management. We are passionate about providing custom brand experiences which create unique connections between our clients and their customers.