Our diverse team of Designers have the innate ability to apply holistic brand-thinking in a multitude of creative disciplines - Graphic Design, Product Packaging Design; Interactive Presentations, Brand Development, Marketing Collateral, CAD Animation and Multimedia

Sigma Chi International Museum  |  Digital Content Development

Video Creation

A promotional video produced by Exhibit Concepts, Inc. for the new Sigma Chi International Museum, debuting Fall 2015 in Evanston IL.  In addition to the digital media, ECI is designing and producing this 1200 sq/ft experience that honors Sigma Chi history through interactive exhibits, video, rich visual displays and irreplaceable artifacts.


Emerson Network Power  |  Brand Development

Global Brand Compliance Guide

As a valued partner to Emerson, Exhibit Concepts was trusted to develop a brand template that can translate anywhere in the world and across all events: C-level, Tradeshow, Local/Regional and Permanent Environments.  The solution needed to embody the essence of the brand and evoke key Emerson characteristics of Smart, Real, Decisive, Confident and Dynamic.  Analogous to the qualities of Emerson, the cube provides the perfect balance of modularity, accuracy and scalability.  Combined with dynamic brand colors, the square and corresponding grid template is the archetype for an infinite canvas of form, function and message, and allows Emerson to customize the look and content specific to the markets they serve across the globe.

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University of Dayton River Mobile | Mobile Environment

Educational Graphics and Digital Media Creation

The UD RiverMobile, a mobile classroom that brings Dayton's rivers to the region's schoolchildren and teaches them about their role in protecting and preserving of the Great Miami River watershed.  In addition to designing the entire experience, ECI's creative team collaborated with UD students and developed a visual storyboard for all interior and exterior graphics as well as the digital media that schoolchildren would interact with via touchscreen monitors.

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Leifheit | Tradeshow Marketing

Theme Development and Content Creation

As an international company, Leifheit was in need of a way to connect to their US audience at the International Housewares Show, different from how they present the brand to their European market.  Our creative team developed a strategic concept that introduced a new tagline, incorporated fun human-centric messaging and a reduced the amount of product they bring to the event.  Most people don't enjoy housework, thus the "Have Fun, Enjoy Leif" tagline positioned the brand in a more relatable fashion to the consumer by incorporating imagery of people having fun with their products - such as rocking-out on an air-guitar-mop or using Leifheit's innovative ironing board as a surf board.  To complement the modern style of the exhibit, Leifheit's well-designed products are treated as fine art displayed in a sleek gallery fashion.

Homz | Tradeshow Marketing

Large-scale Graphic Design

Homz offers simple, smartly designed home organizational solutions that make life a little easier and a lot nicer.  As part of a corporate re-branding initiative, their tradeshow exhibit required updating and this was a prime opportunity to integrate the smartly designed aesthetic of their products into the brand architecture.  Bold colors, monumental presentation of the Homz brand-name and crisp geometry created the canvas for large-format graphics that relied on simple phrasing to deliver key messages and brand-characters that excitedly endorse the products via a thumbs-up or big smile.  This exhibit update was less about shapes and textures and much more about delivering the brand in a compelling way, where the visual message and human-centric content intentionally become the architecture.

Soehnle | Bed, Bath & Beyond Merchandising

Retail Packaging Design

Soehnle, a German company, produces scales that are the benchmark for good design, quality and reliability.  One of their current business goals is to not only introduce their products to the US consumer, but to dominate US market-share.  Impressed with the work we produced for Leifheit, Soenhle's parent company, ECI was asked to develop retail packaging for a "Back to College" launch with the retail giant, Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Following a strategic methodology of in-field research and competitor analysis, we proposed a design direction that guaranteed their product would stand-out in the retail environment.  A foundational design template has been applied to four products thus far and includes the use of a consistent color palette, custom logotype design, tagline creation, custom product-feature icons, product photography and copyrighting.  Soehnle scales are now the #1-seller in Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Symantec | BLKMKT Briefcase

Sales Demo Kit and Online Store

Cyber-crime is everywhere and Symantec's BLKMKT global media initiative gave a face to the intangible and seedy world of the "underground economy."  BLKMKT had one goal - to teach the public about the real threat of identity theft and how Symantec products are the best defense.  ECI created numerous experiences for BLKMKT ranging from 1000 sq/ft interactive environments, to mobile vehicle tours, to pop-up airport kiosks, to hand-held briefcases.  The BLKMKT Briefcase represents the final chapter of the initiative and was used as an in-field sales tool for Symantec representatives.  Just like the larger-scale BLKMKT environments, the same content was reinvented for the briefcase so that salespeople could demonstrate the threats of cybercrime via hand-held props and multimedia devices and ultimately write orders for Norton security software to retail brands.  All of the content created for BLKMKT was available for purchase by Symantec employees on the BLKMKT Online Store, developed and managed by ECI. 

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Fair Oaks Farms  |  "Porkfolio"

Custom Interactive Presentation for Android Tablet and Custom Packaging

We specialize in custom content creation and can design unique presentations and packaging solutions for a company's products and services.  The "Porkfolio," created for an ECI project presentation, includes a custom media interface on an Android tablet, custom graphics and one-of-a-kind packaging.

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