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Extending the reach of your brand beyond the trade show venue is a great way to communicate your brand message in a controlled and memorable environment. We can design, produce and manage any event, any size, any duration, anywhere.

Omega | Luxury Watch Manufacturer 

PGA Championship Event | Agency: Engine Shop

Corona | Beverage Industry

NCAA College Football Tour | ~14k miles | 11 stops | Agency: Engine Shop

Wireless Power Consortium  |  Consumer Electronics Show

Tradeshow Event

The Wireless Power Consortium challenged our Creative Team to develop an integrated engagement solution that would drive attendees into their CES exhibit and communicate the attributes of their Qi wireless charging technology. We employed the metaphor of yoga to evoke the characteristics of energy transference and flexibility. A yoga performer was positioned on an illuminated stage at the main corner of the space and attracted the attention of the audience through various poses and gestured to them to enter. The client said this: "As we had hoped, the message of WPC as the global standard for wireless charging came across to the CES attendees, without us ever saying these words. It is clear that our audience connected with the metaphor of the yoga performer."

Teradata  |  Partners 2014 - The Buzz Lounge

Corporate Event

Exhibit Concepts worked with Wilson Advertising to create a "buzz" at the 2014 Teradata Partners Conference. The Buzz Lounge is a high-tech, sophisticated atmosphere where attendees can share information, ideas, and all things related to data. The lounge is comprised of ECI rental components, as well as custom-designed elements. In addition, we support Teradata's tradeshow program.

Dayton Development Coalition  |  Schuster Center

Annual Corporate Meeting

The goal of the Dayton Development Coalition is to continue the growth in the Dayton Region, which is partnered with 14 counties surrounding Dayton, Ohio.  This annual networking event is held at the Schuster Center and is an opportunity to review the year's accomplishments and share future plans with regional partners. 

Norton by Symantec  |  BLKMKT

Multi-Platform Global Marketing Initiative

Created for press and media events, to B to B and B to C engagements, the BLKMKT ranges from 1000 sq/ft interactive environments, to mobile vehicle tours, to pop-up airport kiosks, to hand-held briefcases.  Launched at locations around the globe, the intangible world of cyber-crime assumed many forms; a seedy Times Square bodega disguised inside shipping containers where personal identities are bought and sold, or possibly as a street person wearing a trench coat and fedora trying to sell you a stolen identity.  This is the reality of cyber-crime, it is everywhere.  Whatever the shape or medium, BLKMKT had one goal - to teach the public about the real threat of identity theft and how Symantec products are the best defense.  (The original launch of BLKMKT was produced in partnership with Leo Burnett)

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