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In 2017, Chicago Pneumatic was looking for a new exhibit house that would align their brand and house their custom properties and tools. Like a racetrack loops from start to finish, we came up with an end-to-end solution that would create a cohesive experience for their brand, whether on the trade show or showroom floor.

Additionally, ECI created a hands-on experience for their prospects known as the “Pit Stop Challenge”, which allows visitors the opportunity to experience Chicago Pneumatic tools in action. Through partnership, ECI has been able to “slingshot” Chicago Pneumatic to success at all their events.

Services Used: Creative Services (3D or graphic design, rebranding, campaign theming), Photography/Videography, Fabrication, eManagement, Storage/Warehousing, I&D/On-site Supervision, Graphic Production, Engagement Strategy, Show Service Coordination, Program Management, Turnkey, Rental, Purchase, Hybrid

Featured Booth Size: 30x50

Exhibits: Domestic Trade Show & Interiors