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Honoring America's Heroes: The Cold War Gallery

Exhibit Concepts December 09, 2016

The National Navy SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce, Florida works to educate the public on the history and importance of Naval Special Warfare. The organization preserves the history of the SEALs through educational, interactive exhibits that tell the history of this brave group of men.

Exhibit Concepts (ECI) takes great pride in our partnership with the Navy SEAL Museum in order to bring this important story to life. In 2016, we partnered with the museum to develop exhibits which include the role Underwater Demolitions Teams (UDT) and SEALs played during the Cold War. In 2014 and 2015, we partnered with Van Sickle & Rolleri and Northern Light Productions to design and build exhibits for the Modern Day Gallery, also part of the National Navy SEAL Museum.

Our team worked alongside the museum to design and build all the exhibits in the Cold War Gallery, which opened its doors on November 4, 2016.

The Cold War was a state of political and military tension after World War II between powers in the Western Bloc (US and NATO allies) and powers in the Eastern Bloc (USSR) from 1947 to 1991, the year the Soviet Union collapsed. The term “cold” is used because there was no large-scale fighting directly between the two sides, although there were major regional wars supported by the two sides.

ECI partnered with the museum to develop, design, and install exhibits which include the role Underwater Demolitions Teams (UDT) and SEALs played during the Cold War.

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