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Here. There. Anywhere. Virtual Series (Part 2)

Karimey Berbach December 02, 2020

It’s hard to believe the year of 2020 is coming to a close—and for so many people, businesses, and industriesgood riddance. But part of putting 2020 in our rear-view mirror is to strategically and methodically prepare for the changes that 2021 require. This preparation most definitely includes a safety confidence plan for your brand’s employees (you!)guests to your building and visitors within other branded spaces.

In 2020you have, no doubt, exhausted old and new marketing tactics to stay connected with your audience to generate sales and leads While customers and clients may not yet be knocking down doors, submitting new inquiries, visiting your exhibits, or ringing your desk—prepare now, because they will be eventually, and you will not want to be caught unprepared.  

As you may know, Exhibit Concepts is in the midst of a virtual series Connections Happen. Here. There. Anywhere. In Part 2 of our series, we discuss interior spaces and modifications for a safe return to the office. Leading this conversation is our Creative Team, as they answer pre-submitted and LIVE questions, discuss the “what”, “why” and “how” of  GBAC Certification, detail the importance of how safe design can and should be beautiful design, and much more.  

To view the entire conversation, enjoy the video below. 

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It's our mission to make your story unforgettable: here, there, anywhere. 


If you missed it, you can watch Part 1, an overview of our purpose and intent for this series, here.

The Connections Happen. Here. There. Anywhere series is meant to help you: 

  • rethink your approach to design 
  • evaluate how people experience your brand 
  • take inventory of your audience 
  • analyze your company’s response to COVID  
  • maximize your current real estate 
  • complete a situation assessment 
  • identify potential opportunities 
  • …and much more 

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