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Exhibit Concepts Names Masten Worley Sales Director

Exhibit Concepts June 10, 2019

masten head shot for press releaseExhibit Concepts, Inc. (ECI) has named Masten Worley Sales Director. Worley is responsible for developing strategic sales plans, driving improvements in the sales process to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the team, and creating sales reports and pipeline projections.

“We’re thrilled to have Masten’s dynamic leadership in our sales department,” said Ellen Campbell-Kaminski, VP of Sales and Marketing for ECI. “His vast knowledge of sales techniques along with his knowledge of strategy and relationship building make him uniquely qualified to drive growth for Exhibit Concepts."

Prior to joining Exhibit Concepts, Masten was Director of Business Development for Sparkbox, a Dayton-based custom web development agency as well as several Sales, Marketing and Operational leadership roles at software and technology companies, one being Apple. He holds both a Bachelors and MBA in Organizational Leadership from Franklin University.

Can In-Booth Presentations Draw a Crowd?

Exhibit Concepts June 04, 2019

A successful trade show means doing much more than simply drawing a crowd of people to your booth. A crowd is great, but a group of the right people hearing the right message is always better. So, it can be a bit of a “chicken and egg” situation: drawing a crowd may not be your specific goal, but you need to draw a crowd to find your prospects. There are plenty of ways to attract visitors, but let’s explore one with the all-important human element: in-booth presentations.


In-booth presentations can be led by your salespeople or upper management, and they can be given to small groups or big ones—it really depends on your message and your goals for the show. But another option is to hire a professional spokesperson to give live presentations in your space to attendees. This means your staff isn’t held up with this task and can focus their time on talking with prospects, attending seminars, or scouting competitors. A professional presenter can lead a scripted session at regular intervals during the show so your booth staff can focus on meeting and greeting prospects. There is a cost associated with hiring a professional, but if it frees up booth staff or draws in a crowd for a big trade show, it could be a worthwhile investment for your company.



While experts can’t agree on its exact length, the human attention span is fairly short—which means it’s crucial to capture attention quickly and have a succinct message in order to make a meaningful, lasting impression. It really depends on what you have to say, but usually a presentation will run between 5-10 minutes long. Not only is that desirable from an attention span standpoint, but also, attendees may be standing and you don’t want them uncomfortable. Think about your business proposition: what problem does your product or service solve? What do you want your audience to leave knowing? How can you make a lasting impression? Once the presentation is over, what do you want them to do next? Answering those questions will help as you write a succinct script for your presentation.

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It is recommended that approximately five minutes before the presentation, the presenter should start inviting attendees to the booth for the presentation. You could provide a countdown on the presentation screen, announce giveaways for attending, or tease the content. Posting a schedule with presenters, topics and times both in the booth and on social media is a good way to build an audience. You may also consider sending or e-mailing invitations to prospective leads that may be in attendance in advance. As always, make sure you prominently promote your presentation on related pieces of content or web pages on your website.


There are several different ways you can deliver the content to encourage interaction, including:


If you plan to hire a professional presenter, consider including a product expert as a co-presenter to offer technical information, share in-depth knowledge, or answer questions. Make sure there is plenty of rehearsal time with the co-presenters so that they come across as polished,  professional, and in sync.

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The best way to learn about a product and service is to see it in action and in person. A great example comes from Omron, whose goal was to showcase their leadership in technology that creates harmony between humans and machines. Omron did this by allowing spectators to play a game of ping pong with their table tennis-tutor, Forpheus. Omron was able to exceed all of their show goals including attendance, media impressions, and social engagement. They were also able to take home a Best in Show award from EXHIBITOR Magazine. 



This is another hybrid option, where the presenter works to gather the audience, then brings in a special guest, like an employee or client of the exhibiting company. The emcee acts as the “host” while the employee offers information and then the emcee wraps up the presentation and can hand out prizes or invite the audience to tour the booth. 



This is a great way to incorporate fun and interaction into the presentation experience. The presenter runs the “game show” and uses the audience as contestants. This is a great way to share information about the product or service offering and keep the audience engaged.

Whatever route you choose, a presentation is a great way to make (and leave) a lasting impression.

ECI Employees Finish Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon

Exhibit Concepts May 21, 2019

Photo May 15, 8 23 09 AM

It was a record-breaking day on Sunday, April 28, 2019 as nearly 24,000 runners toed the line for the 19th annual Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. Of the thousands in attendance, the group (8 employees plus a husband and a nephew) from Exhibit Concepts was there to take in the experience and hit the ground running (or walking!) after training through the cold Ohio winter.

2019 marks the 24th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, and the race serves to remember those who were killed that fateful day—and all proceeds from the race benefit the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum. Not only was the race course packed with participantssupporters from all over the country stood on the sidelines to cheer participants along the way.

Marathons and half marathons are grueling tests of endurance whether you run or walk. And it is common for race organizers to ensure the course has plenty of entertainment to keep participants motivated throughout the day. But in the case of a memorial marathon, they also serve a meaningful experience at their core. In the case of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, participants pass 168 banners along the course, each bearing the name and photograph of someone who was killed in the Oklahoma City bombing.
Photo May 15, 8 23 18 AM

We’re happy to report all of our ECI participants crossed the finish line, each reporting that it was a beautiful day for the race and they felt the experience is one they won’t soon forget. Our work leading the initial fabrication and installation of the museum and its completion in 2001, as well as renovations completed in 2014 is what inspired us to sponsor our employees to run the race; we wanted to give back and support a community that has become impactful and meaningful to us. In addition to the race, a group of ECI employees also visited the Oklahoma City Memorial Museum and of course, our associates described the overall experience best:
Photo May 15, 8 23 21 AM

"We had the opportunity to travel to the Oklahoma City for the Memorial Marathon and Museum. To say that I was touched by the experience doesn’t even come close to shedding light on my feelings on the experience. I was completely overwhelmed by the scope of the museum; beginning with the time line of events leading up to the deadly blast, listening to the actual recording, watching the news coverage, and finally, witnessing the beautiful exhibits that Exhibit Concepts were part of creating. One gets a true sense of the extreme terror that day brought to innocent civilians. Combined with the beautiful outdoor grounds and memorial, the museum is a touching preservation of history and a reminder to uphold the memory of the 168 men, women, and children who lost their lives that day." - Regina Henning, Senior Account Manager

It was such a moving experience to see the museum and the impact ECI has been able to make by installing the exhibits, and then tying that directly into the memorial marathon route which created a race weekend unlike any other I’ve participated in. I’m so excited to have been a part of the museum, marathon and memorial activities.”Misty Boyd, Project Manager

“I really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful work ECI has done at the Memorial Museum. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate in the marathon and tried my best to bring home the gold. Alas, it was not enough to win, but an amazing experience I will never forget.” – Tony Accrocco, Designer
Photo May 15, 8 23 38 AM

“The museum was small but powerful; it was packed with every detail of the day which really helped to put me in the victims’ or survivors’ shoes. The most impactful elements were the videos of news footage from that day, and hearing frantic parents looking for their kids. Making the connection that those kids would have been around my age now really hits you. The whole experience was focused on reflecting and remembering, and most importantly, rebuilding. That strength was evident in every part of the race, from the pre-race service remembering what happened to the names and faces of the victims posted all along the last couple miles of the course. It gave me a new appreciation for Oklahoma.”Priscilla Esatto, Designer

“I was very excited to have the opportunity to participate in the OKC marathon. Having never been in one, I didn’t know what to expect and unfortunately didn’t prepare myself as well as I should have – the result was a slight injury to my knee early on in the race but I kept going because I was determined to finish. Approaching mile 10 my injury was becoming a stabbing pain and I was considering tapping out to avoid a more serious injury, when I looked up and saw the face of one of the victims of the bombing. It was a little boy around two named Elijah. I thought of my son and how I couldn’t imagine losing him at such a young age in such a senseless way, and I thought – THAT is pain, the kind that won’t be over in a day or two, the kind that lasts forever and changes your life. I thought of Elijah’s mom and the pain I was experiencing was quickly put into perspective. The last 3.1 miles I focused my thoughts on the reason for the marathon, and how fortunate I was to be there. I felt a sense of accomplishment crossing the finish line but at the same time, I was humbled by the experience. It is really great to work for a company that gives their employees an opportunity to participate in client events. I feel very lucky to have had a part in it.” – Theresa Hirt, Marketing Coordinator
Photo May 15, 8 23 14 AM

Remembering the lives of those lost and seeing firsthand that Oklahoma City rebuilt and came together stronger as a community was inspiring for our employees. We are so proud of them for representing ECI and showing their love and support to those lost, those who lost loved ones and the survivors.

We remember.

How to Manage a Trade Show New Build

Exhibit Concepts May 14, 2019


So, you’ve been tasked with managing your first new build. You’ve received approval from management, expectations are high, you got what you asked for and all that’s left is to deliver. Now what?

You don't have to do it all alone. Finding the right exhibit house to partner with will take a lot of the legwork and process uncertainty out of the way. A great exhibit house brings event marketing expertise to the table and operates as an extension of your marketing team to guide you every step of the way.

The best place to start is with understanding the process of fabricating a booth, along with key milestones to ensure a successful project.

Key milestones include:

Procurement Approach

It’s important to understand the role procurement plays and how major purchases are made in your organization. Have you ever worked with procurement? What is the decision-making process? Understanding your company’s process will give you a guide for success.

Creative Brief

Once the budget is approved, how will you be relaying information to your partner to get started? We recommend using a trade show specific creative brief (it’s a FREE download!) to get everyone, internally and externally, on the same page. A creative brief will help you establish your trade show specific goals and encourage you to think about your messaging and show presence.

Young creative team working together in a bright modern office


In selecting an exhibit house, it’s important to think through the process. Will you be issuing an RFP (Request for Proposal)? Are you involving several companies or just one? If multiple, what is your selection process? If you are using an RFP, use a Trade Show New Build FRP Template to get started.

Construction Drawings/ Fabrication/Artwork

For this milestone, these are all decisions that will be made during the fabrication process. It’s important to understand who in your organization will approve these items. Do you have someone on staff who is familiar with construction drawings?

For artwork, this aspect is typically aligned with a re-branding initiative or marketing campaign. If you work with a design agency, it’s important they are aligned with your fabricator. You’ll need to have periodic review of the artwork, digital assets, and then provide final approval. Think about any industry or legislative parameters and who on your team is responsible for final sign-off.

Client View

The booth is built, the artwork is approved, now it’s time to view the booth in person. Conducting a walk-through will help your team understand scale and ensure all technical aspects are tested prior to show debut versus testing on the show floor, which could save you money in the long run.

There are a few more things to consider for a new build, however. Understanding the process and ensuring there is buy-in and responsibility throughout it crucial. Think about:

The Importance of Trade Shows

It’s crucial to get buy-in from your organization of not just a dedicated budget, but the time commitment and support required from internal teams. Your job as the key point person is to educate the organization on what is involved—and what you need to be successful. It will require focused energy and attention for several months. Not ready for this? Consider pursuing a rental booth instead of a new build.  


Speaking of Budget…

There are two types of budgets: operating and capital. Capital budgets are typically for assets that will be depreciated over a number of years. They are usually used to fund owned property new builds and often require CFO approvals. Operating budgets are for departmental needs and projects and may only require approval from the executive over that department. They are usually used for booth rentals, pull & prep of owned property, new graphics and smaller refurbishments.

Need help justifying trade show spend to your boss? We have a blog for that.

Not sure where to start with a budget? Here are a few ways to create yours:

  • Consider industry averages: The EDPA (Experiential Designers & Producers Association) took an industry survey in 2018 that cited $165 per square foot as the industry average for trade show costs.
  • Use your past exhibit costs and add for inflation
  • Talk to your fellow industry professionals about their budget

There is much to consider with a new build, but the effort is certainly worth the reward with a strong partner who can bring your exhibit booth dreams to life.

Team ECI: Checking in on Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Training

Exhibit Concepts April 15, 2019

For many employees at Exhibit Concepts, the Oklahoma City Memorial & Museum is one of the most meaningful museum projects we’ve ever completed. The 17,000 square foot facility opened in 2001, serving as a learning institution consisting of permanent and temporary exhibits, artifacts from the bombing, and the Memorial archives. Because of the lasting impact the facility has on our company and our ongoing support of its mission, Exhibit Concepts is sponsoring eight employees to run and walk the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon on April 28, 2019. The Marathon event is the Memorial Museum’s largest fundraiser, and it’s about much more than running: it’s a celebration of life.

With race day just a few weeks away, we checked in with some of our employees to see how they are faring with their race training. Has the frigid Ohio winter thrown a wrench in their outdoor runs? Are they following a training plan or just winging it? Here’s what they had to say:

“Training is going well so far. As well as it can for a slightly out of shape, almost middle-aged beginner, that is! My main focus is to just not injure myself while training. Listening more closely to my body has been a surprising challenge. The urge to push hard is there and I’ve had to consciously force myself not to. I’ve been able to build a solid physical base and a confident frame of mind by setting and attaining smaller, increasingly more difficult goals. I’m hoping this plan is enough to carry me across the finish line.” -Tony Accrocco, Designer

“I try to get a minimum number of steps a day. However, having a goal in mind is pushing me to increase those steps daily.” – Regina Henning, Account Manager

“I’m loosely following a training plan, and it’s going well so far! I’m always surprised and impressed by the people who can run an entire marathon.” Priscilla Esatto, Designer

“I took a few training plans I found and combined them to make something that fits my lifestyle and schedule restraints. It’s been going well so far, except for running in the cold!” – Misty Boyd, Project Manager

Good luck to all of our runners and walkers for their upcoming race. We’ll check in with them after the race for a recap!

An Unforgettable EXHIBITORLIVE: 2019 Edition

Exhibit Concepts April 04, 2019

Our team of storytellers, including our friend Orville, have returned from EXHIBITORLIVE 2019 and are eager to share their experience. In a word, it was “unforgettable”!


Storytelling at its Best!

This year, we sent our most compelling storytellers from across the company to the EXHIBITORLIVE show floor. Our storytellers have expertise in 3-D and graphic design, relationship management, international exhibiting, brand marketing, and more. We met with attendees to learn what was happening in their trade show programs and we were able to share some of our favorite and most unforgettable projects. We believe that our clients are the heroes of their story and we were honored to showcase them in a variety of ways within our booth.


Our “Greeter”, Orville the Storytelling Robot

We brought our friends Orville (a robot) and Wilbur (a dinosaur) as greeters, icons, storytellers, engagers, and mascots. Wilbur is a bit of an introvert. He was most comfortable keeping watch from a corner of our double deck. Orville, on the other hand, was eager to share customer success stories. Every time a visitor opened the “magic door” on his torso, Orville introduced another client’s project. Orville could be caught showcasing the innocence of children at play at the Mansfield Independent School District Early Learning Center, belting out the gospel of This Little Light of Mine from the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, or interacting “live” with folks back at our office.

Engaging Over a Lunchbox

Our design team created five different lunchbox designs which were inspired by five different clients. The items inside the lunchboxes were chosen specifically to pay homage to each of our highlighted clients. And we purposefully chose toys because what is the first question our family (or co-workers) asks when we return… “What did you bring me?” We also included two augmented reality postcards. And you can’t have a lunchbox without food, so we also included snacks!


The Why Wall

On the other side of the wall of lunchboxes, facing a main aisle, we had a three-monitor array dubbed “The Why Wall”. These monitors represented the reasons we love what we do: getting to understand our client’s “why”… Why they are in business. Why they are exhibiting. Why they are different and better than their competitors. One monitor focused on “Real People” showcasing our actual clients and their experience working with Exhibit Concepts. The second monitor showcased “Real Results” which referenced the exceptional and noteworthy business outcomes achieved by our clients at their trade shows and within their branded environments. The final monitor was a highlight of unforgettable projects titled “Really Unforgettable”, displaying several awards our clients won over the last year, some massive new builds and more.


Brand Stories Made Unforgettable, Including Ours

For the second year in a row, Exhibit Concepts was named to Exhibitor Magazine’s prestigious Find It: Top 40 Exhibit Producer list. Additionally, we were honored at the beMatrix Best of 2018 award breakfast with two 1st place awards: Best Design Greater Than 600 sq. ft. for our work with World Fuel Services and Best Reusability for our use of LEDskin tiles in our EXHIBITORLIVE 2018 booth (which by the way, won Best in Show: Large Booth) which was repurposed and used by our Deceuninck America.


Continuing Education

As exciting and important as our presence in the exhibit hall is, another critical reason we are passionate participants at EXHIBITORLIVE is the educational sessions. Not only did we send NINE of our team members to take sessions for general industry/trend information or as part of their CTSM certification, several of our executives are a part of the EXHIBITORLIVE faculty and taught a total of seven educational sessions.


Now that we’re back home and settled in, we are busy following up with all the wonderful people we met on the show floor, at the networking events, and in the classrooms. And we are busy helping our clients tell their stories in the most impactful, effective, and unforgettable ways. We can’t wait until next year to share some new stories—who knows, one of them might be yours!

What's More Important: Architecture or Engagement?

Exhibit Concepts March 26, 2019

There was a time in the events and trade show industry when 3D architecture was king. One of our Account Executives refers to this time as the “Workstation Era.” Back then, he says, the most important piece of design information was to know how many workstations a client wanted in their booth. Then, the booth was designed entirely around the stations. But times have certainly changed, and trade shows are an investment, and businesses expect more out of their investment. Trade show managers are asked to justify the investment and prove ROI on their spend. Rightfully so!

Looks Aren’t Everything

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, which is also true for trade show booths. Spending the most money doesn’t guarantee a positive result; it’s about spending it wisely and investing in engagement that creates a memorable experience. The modern-day trade show attendee expects entertainment and responds best to a personalized experience that speaks to solving their problems. Sure, a large and beautiful booth might draw them in, but an experience that keeps their attention after they arrive is crucial.

Think Big Picture

The design of your trade show booth is just one element of a much bigger picture—and plan. It’s the physical embodiment of your brand and a carrier for your message, but it doesn’t carry that weight alone. Consider it just one piece of the puzzle, helping to support your pre-show, show, and post-show plan to communicate your unique offering to clients and prospects. Creating that “golden thread” will help not only get your message across but help it to be remembered long after they leave the space. The booth is their destination, but everything you do leading up to and after that experience matters.

What About Technology?

Ah, the age-old question. Technology is an integral part of our everyday lives, so why not include it in your trade show booth design? You should, but never just for the sake of technology. Think of tech with a purpose that supports your message and helps you hit your goals. Likewise, technology is not a requirement—in fact, we anticipate nostalgic engagement will be a big trend in trades shows for 2019. “Throwback” games like Plinko and nostalgia-inducing sounds like the click of a prize wheel can capture the attention and hearts of attendees even without a digital component.

The Customer is King

Appealing to your customer’s emotion and needs on the show floor starts with a great first impression. But gone are the days of just drawing a crowd with a flashy booth design that turns heads. Staying competitive means truly understanding your customers: understanding the problems they face, what keeps them up at night, and how you can help them find solutions and get a good night’s rest. It’s not about kiosks or demo stations, it’s about asking the right questions: Why are they attending the show? What do they already know about your product or service? What do you want them to do, think or know after they leave your booth? Designing with your answers to those questions will help you appeal to customer and prospects alike.

Engagement, meaningful face-to-face interactions, quality conversation—it all happens around meaningful engagement. Every aspect of your booth design should center around serving your ideal customer. A booth isn’t just a booth: it’s an experience for every single person who walks by or steps foot inside—and it’s best served by a design that has the customer in mind every step of the way.

Two Cities, Two Museums, One Common Mission

Exhibit Concepts March 20, 2019


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times – this can be said for the business of nuclear science. While the work of nuclear research and development brought prosperity, it also signified the threat of war. Two cities - Miamisburg, Ohio and Oak Ridge, Tennessee were once top-secret epicenters at the leading edge of the Nuclear Age. In 2018, Exhibit Concepts played a big role in the tale of these two cities.

The Mound Science and Energy Museum in Miamisburg once housed a facility that was on the leading edge of the Nuclear Age. Mound was heavily involved in research and production of polonium-based igniters in support of the Cold War. Detonators were manufactured and tested at Mound and the facility also worked in tritium recovery. Today, the museum informs visitors about the people who worked at this site over the course of 50 years to help win the Cold War and fuel space exploration.

The American Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge has a complex story that includes the development of nuclear weapons for the Manhattan Project. AMSE features exhibits that delve into the science behind light, color, sound, electricity, weapons, robotics, atoms, and much more. The museum educates the public on Oak Ridges' contribution to the Manhattan Project and offers innovative, hands-on learning experiences in a real world setting for visitors as well as STEM students.

We are proud to have had a part in bringing the tale of these two cities to life. The Manhattan Project will forever live in history, but new chapters have begun at the Mound Cold War Discovery Center and the American Museum of Science and Energy where the wonders of science and innovation will continue to inspire for generations.

Team ECI Running Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

Exhibit Concepts March 13, 2019

For Exhibit Concepts, one of the most impactful projects we’ve ever completed as a company was the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum. ECI led the fabrication and installation of the museum, alongside museum designer Gallagher & Associates. When asked, many ECI employees point to the Memorial Museum as the most significant project of their career.

This 17,000 square foot museum was completed in 2001 and is housed in the Historic Journal Record Building across the street from the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. We completed work refurbishing the museum in 2014. The Memorial Museum is a learning institution consisting of permanent and temporary exhibits, interactive computer stations, artifacts from the bombing, and the Memorial archives. Visitors to the Memorial Museum can witness the magnitude of the destruction through dramatic audio/visual presentations, interactive exhibits, murals, and displays of poignant artifacts.

The Memorial Museum means so much to us as a company that we’re sponsoring a group of eight employees to run and walk the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon on April 28, 2019. The Marathon event is the Memorial Museum’s largest fundraiser, and it’s about much more than running: it’s a celebration of life.

The ECI employees participating in the half marathon event are from departments all over our company, from fabrication and account management to marketing and creative. We asked them about the personal significance of the race to them, and here are some of our favorite responses:

“There are a few different reasons why I wanted to run. It was a unique opportunity to challenge myself in an event I have never done before, and not just in a physical sense. The mental discipline in this challenge is what’s more motivating for me. My other reasons expand beyond the actual race itself. The Oklahoma City bombing was the first major event that I was cognitively able to understand at the time when it was happening. It stuck with me. Fast forward 20 years, I then got to work on a few projects for the Memorial and Museum. Running the race, for me, is to pay respects and to support the mission of the Oklahoma City Memorial and Museum.” – Tony Accrocco, Designer

“It’s great to be able to run the race in support of the OKC National Memorial and Museum and all that ECI has done to help make the museum a reality.  On a personal note, I’m also very excited to be able to push myself through training to get a PR.” – Misty Boyd, Project Manager

“The significance of this race for me is the opportunity to see the Oklahoma City Memorial Museum in person and see some of ECI’s work out in the world.” –Priscilla Esatto, Designer

“April 19, 1995 holds special significance to me.  As a new military spouse, this was the day my husband of less than 6 months reported to his first duty station. We drove up to Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina with no personal experience of terrorism or war in America and checked into the base motel. The azaleas were in full bloom and the air popped with the promise of a bright future. The moment we turned on the television we realized the true uncertainty of being a military family. We watched in horror and disbelief, wondering how this could happen-and what did it mean for our lives.  Of course, we would go through those feelings many more times in the 20 years following that beautiful spring morning. 

I consider it an honor to participate in the marathon, paying tribute to not only the lives that were lost, but also to the civilian rescue workers, United States Air Force, and Oklahoma National Guard who arrived within the hour of the blast that day.  Additionally, the opportunity to see firsthand how ECI continues to support and facilitate the Memorial Mission Statement to “offer comfort, strength, peace, hope, and serenity” will be truly rewarding.” –Regina Henning, Account Manager

We’ll be following along on our ECI employees’ journey through training and race day in the coming months. To learn more about the Oklahoma City Memorial Museum, visit their website.

Trade Show Planning & Partners: The World Fuel Story

Exhibit Concepts March 12, 2019

When it comes to trade shows, set up can be an intense (and stressful!) experience. Like so many other things in life, creating a strong plan and bringing in good partners is the key to a successful trade show experience. No one knows that better than World Fuel Services, who recently attended the 2018 National Business Aviation Association Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) in Orlando.

Each year, NBAA-BACE plays host to over 23,000 attendees from across the globe, making it the largest business aviation event in the world.

In order to achieve their goals, World Fuel Services (WFS) secured a 50’ – x 150’ space near the entrance to the show hall. The space featured a unique and very large overhead sign, a large deck structure for VIP meetings, custom carpet inlays and a variety of spaces to accommodate creative hospitality. This required an 8-day build plan with daily milestones from pre-rigging through the show’s start. With a structure this large, there are many moving parts and people involved. Set-up took 500 hours and teardown took another 300 hours. But architecture alone does not create an experience. It was the ultimate marriage of form and function, with a large hanging sign spanning the booth, and 24 small meeting areas for Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) throughout.




It was important for WFS to have spaces for FBOs to conduct business, in addition to several other events and engagements. A touchscreen globe gave visitors the chance to understand WFS’ reach around the world. However, it wasn’t all business. WFS gave away highly coveted items throughout the show, including bottles of champagne, headphones, and designer sunglasses.


There was no shortage of entertainment and hospitality either: a magician entertained visitors with slights of hands, while several bands performed alongside an open bar and heavy appetizers. While there were many moving parts, events, and engagements happening, that solid plan and strong partners ensured it was a successful event for all involved.



Exhibit Concepts Inc. in Partnership with Elgin Middle East.

The Latest and Greatest Exhibit Concepts, Inc. News